Xinjiang is a fairly large stretch of territory no one claims in the west. It borders Rénmín, Jed ka Saamraajy, and Moridyn Ezed. It exists only to act as a trade center with the Far West. All land trade from those regions passes through it, which would make it wealthy if it didn’t have to pay all it’s neighbors to avoid being claimed by one of them.


Only six cities exist in this semi-arid and desert region. It is split by the Tian Shan mountain range which divides it into two large basins: the Dzungarian Basin in the north, and the Tarim Basin in the south. Much of the Tarim Basin is dominated by the Taklimakan Desert. The lowest point in Xinjiang is the Turpan Depression, 155 metres below sea level. Its highest point is the mountain K2, 8611 metres above sea level on the border with Jed ka Saamraajy. Other mountain ranges include the Pamir Mountains in the southeast, the Karakoram in the south, and the Altai Mountains in the north.

Most of Xinjiang is young geologically, having been formed from the collision of the Indian plate with the Eurasian plate, forming the Tian Shan, Kunlun Shan, and Pamir mountain ranges. Consequently, Xinjiang is a major earthquake zone.



Trade between Far West and East has been going on for ages, though never in any sort of ‘official’ capacity. Xinjiang is the cornerstone of that and exists almost entirely for that trade. Because of this a large number of people from different regions live here. People from Rénmín tend to be criminals and officials who are exiled from that land or merchants from the southern regions.


It is hard to say that Xinjiang has a specific culture of it’s own. Instead many other cultures exist side by side here.

Martial Heritage

While they have no heritage in particular to call their own… Many Rénmín secret societies have people here and many of those have access to certain schools of the arts. Also travelers from Jed ka Saamraajy and occasional exiles from Moridyn Ezed are willing to teach.

However, they do have access to strange weapons and styles from the west as well.

Unique Weapons


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