White Lotus Society

This society is one of the many secret societies dotting China, when their official stance deviates from the government line. It owes its roots to an earlier society, and is sometimes confused with another White Lotus Society that is a religious sect.

This one however is led by a person known simply as the White Lotus (Bái liánhuā or 白莲花). She has only been seen a few times, but she reportedly used martial arts and acrobatics, and fought with a sword in each hand. Rumor has it she is intent on avenging the death of her husband at the hands of the government. White Lotus’ peasant troops are at an obvious disadvantage to the government troops; however they have overcome and surprised the government troops repeatedly by using guerrilla tactics. The government has even gone so far as to state that the “deadliest of all the rebels are those led by White Lotus” herself. Her personal detachment seems to be composed largely of women.

It has its strongest support in Guangzhou, Hubei, and Shanxi. Though for the moment seems content to rely on smaller actions.

To create a White Lotus member, use:

  • Warrior, Monster hunters 1: Champions pg 19
  • Bard, DF1: Adventurers pg 5
  • Martial Artist, DF1: Adventurers pg 9
  • Scout, DF1: Adventurers pg 10
  • Swashbuckler, DF1: Adventurers pg 11
  • Thief, DF1: Adventurers pg 12
  • Fast Guy, Action 3: Furious Fists pg 6
  • Traceur, Action 3: Furious Fists pg 9

Or by combining templates form the following list:

  • Assassin, Fantasy pg 117
  • Courtesan, Fantasy page 214
  • Assassin, Martial Arts pg 32
  • Crimefighter, Martial Arts pg 33
  • Duelist, Martial Arts pg 35
  • Spy, Martial Arts pg 39
  • Archer, Fantasy pg 116
  • Bard, Fantasy pg 119
  • Thief, Fantasy pg 126
  • Wardancer, Fantasy pg 128

White Lotus Society

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