Moridyn Ezed

The Moridyn Ezed, or ‘Lords of Horses’ in tanslation, are feared as raiders and bandits. However they live in lands no one else really wants and so they are seen as a threat to guard against like tsunamis or earthquakes.


The lands controlled by the Moridyn Ezed are mostly sparse plains and desert with some scrub lands added in. Their lands border all the way from Jed ka Saamraajy to Rénmín and separate the two other major powers.


The history of the Moridyn Ezed is almost unknown to outsiders, as few willing go into their territories. Those few who have and return tell of a people who worship the land and believe that no one can ‘own’ the land and so they instead guard the land and their people as those are the only important things. In lean years though they often clash not just with each other, but outsiders as they roam wider and further from their homes to make it through these times.


The Moridyn Ezed are nomads and herders by nature who raise hardy beasts. They are probably best known for their horses however, which gives them their long reach across the plains and into other realms. All boys learn to ride a horse almost as soon as they can walk and they often brag they can accomplish anything on horseback that they could out of the saddle.

They are also well known for taking slaves. They do this to each other and to outsiders when they go raiding. Slaves are property and have no freedom, but they are usually not treated that badly if they cooperate. This includes the taking of ‘slave brides’ or ‘slave concubines’, though only the most powerful can afford to take such women.

Each family belongs to a clan, which is a community with a single leader, the ‘Khan’. In times of great threat they band together under a ‘Ur-khan’, the leader among leaders. At other times loose alliances and a common culture are all that hold them together.

Martial Heritage

The Moridyn Ezed are horse archers and horse skirmishers, using light agile horses to allow their riders to move quickly in combat. Their martial traditions focus on these two aspects and so they learn the bow, the spear, and usually knives or axes for close work. However they have no formal military, instead relying on the ‘hunting band’ made up of the young men of each clan for most of their defense.

Moridyn Ezed

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