Miko (巫女, literally “shaman woman”) is a Japanese term that anciently meant a “female shaman, spirit medium” who conveyed oracles from kami (“spirits; gods”), and currently means a “shrine maiden; virgin consecrated to a deity” who serves at Shinto shrines.

The Japanese word miko or fujo “female shaman; shrine maiden” is usually written 巫女, compounding the kanji fu, miko, or kannagi 巫 “shaman” and jo, onna, or me 女 “woman; female”. In Chinese, wunü 巫女 (or the reverse nüwu 女巫) means “female shaman; witch; sorceress”. Miko was archaically written 神子 (lit. “kami/god child”) and 巫子 (“shaman child”).

Miko can be built as:

  • Druid, DF1: Adventurers pg 7 (magic built as innate abilities or psionics)
  • Shamans, DF9: Summoners pg 16 (Magic powers as actions of spirits or psionics)
  • Soothsayer (Psis pg 18) and Monk (Martial Arts pg 37)

The odd ‘evil’ or ‘renegade’ Miko could be built as a Witch (Monster hunters 1: Champions pg 20, magic built as innate abilities or psionics).

Truly evil miko or Kuro Miko (Black Miko) can also be:

  • Demonologist, DF9: Summoners pg 6 (magic built as innate abilities or psionics)
  • Necromancer, DF9: Summoners pg 13 (magic built as innate abilities or psionics)


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