Lin Kuei

The Lin Kuei, also known as forest demons, are an ancient secretive cult that operated in northern China many hundreds of years ago. This groups history is shrouded in mystery. However, it is believed that they resided in the deep parts of the forests. It is also believed that they were monks who practiced their ways and customs. They lived secretly in caves and in forests for centuries.

Not much is known about their beginnings other than which has been passed down orally one generation to the next. The Lin Kuei were masters of survival and they thrive in the woods and made their living there adapting to the ways of nature. Their children are chosen at birth to work as spies, assassins, and thieves for the benefits of the clan (similar to the thugees in India). When more and more people began moving into their territories, they went their separate ways to spread out.

Probably during China’s Tang Dynasty, some of the Lin Kuei members traveled to Japan to teach their secret arts and ways to the local villagers. Over the years, many of these methods were used and were incorporated into the art of ninjutsu. It is believed that some Lin Kuei stayed in Japan and made a living as mountain hermits or priests, known as the Yamabushi. They have since disappeared. Other Lin Kuei traveled to Korea and continued their teachings.

The group used An’Chi, which is a secretive Chinese art and a distant cousin to ninjutsu. This unusual Chinese style concentrates on hidden weapons and gadgets, but it is taught in secrecy. Its reliance on exotic tools makes it similar to ninjutsu, and An’Chi exiles in Japan might have been among the original ninja associated with Lin Kuei. Like ninjutsu, it concentrates on the use of deception, guerilla warfare, tricks and traps, and so forth.

This style concentrates on the use of throwing weapons. It is said that masters of this style can turn any common household object into a deadly weapon. This form also specializes in concealing techniques for small throwing weapons, such as spring-loaded arrows, shuriken disguised as common items like coins, harmless-looking darts, and countless others. In combat, an An’Chi specialist will try to take his opponents by surprise. He will seem helpless. Suddenly, weapons will appear in his hands, and he will start raining them on his enemies, aiming for vital points. An’Chi masters are also well-known for filling their hiding places with exotic booby traps. As a style, An’Chi is rather incomplete and was probably not meant to be studied alone, rather in combination with other styles, particularly external kung fu forms (Not unlike Ninjutsu) This style was common among the Chinese equivalent of the ninja– the Lin Kuei.

Lin Kuei can be built on the following templates:

  • Holy Warrior, DF1: Adventurers pg 7 (with Martial arts enhancement from DF3)
  • Martial Artist, DF1: Adventurers pg 9 (with enhancement from DF3 using another listed template name)
  • Scout, DF1: Adventurers pg 10 (with Martial arts enhancement from DF3)
  • Thief, DF1: Adventurers pg 12 (with Martial arts enhancement from DF3)
  • Ninja, Action 3: Furious Fists pg 8
  • A combination of Assassin (Fantasy pg 117) and Warrior (Martial Arts pg 42)

Later Lin Kuei can also use:

  • Holy Man, Fantasy pg 122
  • Spy, Martial Arts pg 39
  • Monk, Martial Arts pg 37

And Lin Kuei elders should have Instructor (Martial Arts pg 35) as a type of lens.

Lin Kuei

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