Fire Spirit

The main ability of speedy fire-spirit is fire resistance: subtract an extra DR 6 from fire damage, and then halve penetrating injury (e.g., 21 points of dragon’s breath would inflict only 7 points). This extends to heat; the average fire-spirit is quite comfortable up to 200°. They can’t control fire, but can generate small flames for light and heat.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Speed+1 [20].

Advantages: Damage Resistance 6 (Limited, Fire and Heat, -40%; Mana Sensitive, -10%) [15]; Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction 2; Limited, Fire and Heat, -40%; Mana Sensitive, -10%) [25]; Reputation +3 (Fire Elementals) [5]; Temperature Tolerance 11 (Mana Sensitive, -10%) [10].

Perks: Flaming Fingers* [1], Flaming Hair† [1].

Disadvantages: Unnatural Features 2 [-2].

Features: High body temperature – every handshake is a warm one. Red, fiery eyes and flushed skin.

Flaming Fingers: Can emit a candle-sized flame – equivalent to a first-level Ignite Fire spell – from a finger. This can ignite lanterns, fuses, etc., but not injure enemies.

Flaming Hair: Head burns with cool flame equivalent to torchlight, eliminating darkness penalties in a two-yard radius. Not concealable!

Fire Spirit

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