Earth Spirit

Earth-spirits are solid types who can walk right through earth and stone barriers . . . but only while naked. They’re also resistant to damage from falling rock, Stone Missile spells, and so on. They can’t truly become stone, but they can harden a fist for punching.

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP+1 [2].

Advantages: Damage Resistance 5 (Limited, Earth and Stone, -40%; Mana Sensitive, -10%) [13]; Permeation (Earth; Extended, Stone, +20%; Mana Sensitive, -10%) [44]; Reputation +3 (Earth Elementals) [5]; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3) [10].

Perks: Stone Fist* [1].

Features: Chunky, square build.

Stone Fist: Can make a fist rock-hard. It counts as brass knuckles (+1 punching damage), at the cost of Bad Grip 3. This takes a Ready maneuver to switch on or off.

Earth Spirit

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