Air Spirit

Nimble air-infused can call on the aid of thei air spirit parent to “walk on air” and break their fall. They also enjoy resistance to lightning strikes, whirlwinds, and similar attacks. Their actual control over air is limited; they’re surrounded by a light breeze that they can direct to minor effect.

Attribute Modifiers: DX+1 [20].

Advantages: Catfall (Mana Sensitive, -10%) [9]; Damage Resistance 5 (Limited, Air and Weather, -40%; Mana Sensitive, -10%) [13]; Reputation +3 (Air Spirits) [5]; Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3) [10]; Walk on Air (Mana Sensitive, -10%) [18].

Perks: Puff of Air [1].

Disadvantages: Unnatural Features 1 [-1].

Features: Luminous sky-blue eyes. Surrounded by a perpetual light breeze.

Puff of Air: Can blow a constant stream of air from a pointed finger. This is strong enough to blow poison dust off a trapped item or extinguish a candle at 2 yards, but has no combat effect.

Air Spirit

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