Tag: Peasant


  • Peasant

    Your typical peasant, they are effectively identical in all the lands of Tales of Wuxia. This particular peasant example can be a laborer of many sorts: including a trapper, farmer, or fisherman.

  • Storyteller

    These people are often travelers, though some stay in one place their entire lives. They may work in the streets, in tea houses, or as servants to administrators. They specialize in telling stories and playing music, the two going hand in hand in most of …

  • Village Elder

    Village Elders are a small community’s priest, healer, soothsayer, and you have lived a long time and seen a lot. Your native intelligence has grown into sound judgment; even people who think you’re “unworldly” seek out your advice. They heal work …

  • Bandit

    Bandits stalk the wilderness between city, preying on merchants and travelers. Bandit leaders are often corrupted Xia martial artists and are smart enough to pay off local officials, keeping them out of official trouble.

  • Belligerent Drunk

    Some people simply can’t handle their liquor. Some get angry when inebriated and decide to throw a punch without provocation or consideration of the odds. Usually they also have quite the mouth on them.

  • Raconteur

    This loudmouth is willing to tell a story or a bad joke at the drop of a hat. The question is . . . does he have anything worth paying attention to, or is he just a waste of time? Unlike a storyteller, the raconteur isn’t looking for tips, just for …

  • Crooked Gambler

    No small number of gamblers believes the goddess of Fortune helps those who help themselves. Loaded dice and marked cards are the tools of the trade for these people, but sometimes they depend on the distraction of a low-cut blouse to enable them to grab …

  • Adult Cutpurse

    Cutpurses depend on skill and nerve, but they are not above using a serving girl as a (sometimes willing, sometimes unwitting) accomplice. They work best in teams – one providing distraction, and one doing the cutting.

  • Child Cutpurse

    Cutpurses depend on skill and nerve, but some rely instead on being young and looking innocent. They often work in teams – some providing a distraction, and others doing the cutting.

  • Scullery boy

    Scullery boys help in the kitchen, haul what needs to be hauled, and are the general lads of all work about the tea house. People who need small errands run can throw them a penny or two for most simple requests.

  • Unattractive Serving Woman

    They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and temperaments. Some may be working with criminal elements that frequent the tavern. They tend to be surly and downright scary, so customers leave them alone.

  • Humorous Drunk

    Occasionally one encounters a stumbling, nearly incoherent sot whose antics sometimes prove a pleasant diversion. The person is everybody’s friend! He buys drinks for everyone at least a few times per week, so the regulars won’t tolerate people harassing …

  • Young Tough

    This fellow hangs out at the tavern hoping to get the chance to prove he is a man by pummeling a helpless drunk or peasant to jelly. His fighting skills are subpar, but he is a legend in his own mind. He fantasizes about being noticed by a comely girl …

  • Common Thief

    Common thieves operate without much in the way of skill or finesse. The usual mode of operation is to follow an inebriated patron or traveler to some place where there are no witnesses (any dark spot will do), overpower him, and make off with his …

  • Pirate Boarder

    A sailing vessel has huge need for muscle power to raise anchors, hoist sails, load cargo, and handle the guns. The boarders (or 'lang') are therefore a combination of fearsome fighters who lead the attack on a prize, and active (albeit unskilled) members …

  • Pirate Seaman

    Most of the sailors who crewed pirate vessels were skilled seamen, many of whom had been at sea since birth. If not born into a pirate family, many seamen came from fisher families along the coasts or rivers. They would raise and lower the mainsail, main …