Beastial Ogre


ST 17 [-24]; DX 13 [80]; IQ 7 [0]; HT 13 [0].
Damage 1d+2/3d-1; BL 58 lbs.; HP 22 [8]; Will 7 [0]; Per 12 [25]; FP 13 [0].
Basic Speed 6 [-10]; Basic Move 7 [0]; Block 0; Dodge 9; Parry 9 (Brawling).


High Pain Threshold [10]; Outdoorsman 4 [40]; Very Fit [15]; Very Rapid Healing [15].


Iron Hands; Neck Control (Brawling); Special Exercises (Striking ST +1); Style Familiarity (Smasha) [4].


Berserk (12 or less) [-10]; Bloodlust (12 or less) [-10]; Gigantism [0]; Low TL -1 [-5]; Odious Personal Habit (Unrefined manners) [-5].


Chauvinistic; Proud [-2].


Brawling-13 (DX+0) [1]; Camouflage-13 (IQ+6) [1]; Climbing-12 (DX-1) [1]; Fishing-16 (Per+4) [1]; Forced Entry-13 (DX+0) [1]; Hiking-12 (HT-1) [1]; Intimidation-12 (Will+5) [12]; Lifting-12 (HT-1) [1]; Naturalist (Earth)-9 (IQ+2) [1]; Navigation/TL3 (Land)-11 (IQ+4) [2]; Observation-11 (Per-1) [1]; Running-12 (HT-1) [1]; Stealth-13 (DX+0) [2]; Survival (Jungle)-15 (Per+3) [1]; Survival (Mountain)-15 (Per+3) [1]; Survival (Woodlands)-15 (Per+3) [1]; Swimming-13 (HT+0) [1]; Thrown Weapon (Spear)-15 (DX+2) [4]; Tracking-15 (Per+3) [1]; Two-Handed Axe/Mace-17 (DX+4) [16]; Weather Sense-8 (IQ+1) [4]; Wrestling-13 (DX+0) [2].


Aggressive Parry (Brawling)-8 [0]; Arm Lock (Wrestling)-13 [0]; Choke Hold (Wrestling)-10 [0]; Eye-Gouge (Brawling)-8 [0]; Eye-Poke (Brawling)-4 [0]; Eye-Rake (Brawling)-8 [0]; Head Butt (Brawling)-12 [0]; Kicking (Brawling)-11 [0]; Neck Snap (ST)-13 [0]; Stamp Kick (Brawling)-10 [0]; Targeted Attack (Brawling Kick/Groin)-9 [0]; Targeted Attack (Brawling Stamp Kick/Neck)-5 [0]; Targeted Attack (Brawling Two-Handed Punch/Neck)-6 [0]; Two-Handed Punch (Brawling)-11 [0].


Guàiwù (怪物) is the Chinese name for the Japanese Oni (鬼), better known to most of us as an ogre. Depictions of oni vary widely but usually portray them as hideous, gigantic creatures with sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns growing from their heads. They are humanoid for the most part, but occasionally, they are shown with unnatural features such as odd numbers of eyes or extra fingers and toes. Their skin may be any number of colors, but red and blue are particularly common.

They are often depicted wearing tiger-skin loincloths and carrying iron clubs, called kanabō (金棒). This image leads to the expression “oni with an iron club” (鬼に金棒 oni-ni-kanabō?), that is, to be invincible or undefeatable. It can also be used in the sense of “strong beyond strong”, or having one’s natural quality enhanced or supplemented by the use of some tool.


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