Empress Chin Tsi-Ang

Empress of the Great Chinese Empire


Chin Tsi-ang (simplified Chinese: 钱似莺; traditional Chinese: 錢似鶯; pinyin: Qián Sìyīng) was a incredibly beautiful woman born to a powerful Scholar and the governor of Beijing. When Emperor Zhaozong took power, her father offered her as a bride candidate to the Emperor with dual purposes. The first purpose was simple: linking his own family to the Imperial line and further raising his status. The second was a way to be rid of the Emperor if he proved a hindrance. For that reason he made sure she was trained in secret in real martial arts. Her father didn’t get what he wanted though.

While she was chosen as a bride of the new Emperor and proved adept enough to manage to become the empress rather than a simpler concubine, she didn’t side with her father. In fact she turned him into her husband for his betrayal. While what she has with the emperor is unlikely to be called ‘love’, she is easily his best agent.

Empress Chin Tsi-Ang

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